BFA - Summa Cum Laude, Painting + Drawing, University of Washington, Seattle

My background engages extensive foundational and technical training, but pushes beyond what, for some, may constitute expected media and subject matter.  My pieces range from paintings and drawings to mixed media collages and fiber "wall drawings" with sculptural elements.  Aleatory effects and focused intention are given equal respect as parts of my creative process. I often incorporate, abstract, or transform physical structure and patterns found in utilitarian, textile, and discarded materials. In so doing, my work critiques convention and engages visual metaphor for the complex concerns it addresses. 

In addition to creating art, participating in local and regional exhibitions, and engaging in research, I enjoy staying active through soccer, cycling, and occasionally climbing large mountains.  I also love to teach and learn from children and young people in a variety of educational contexts. Beyond this, my heart belongs to coffee, electronic music, word games, laughter, family, and friends.


Image and words: Rebekah TenBroek Hansen, 2015

Recent Exhibitions:


"The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human" - Raising Mental Health Awareness and Combating Stigma for Youth - May - July 2016

         Blakely Hall, Issaquah, WA

         Swedish Hospital, Issaquah, WA

"Collaging Recent Work" - Three perspectives w/ Caleb Schroder and Betsy Geerdes, October, 2015

          Trapeze Studio, Seattle, WA

"Lines in Space" - SOLO show,  August - September, 2015

           Fremont Space Building, Seattle, WA

Jansen Art Center - Late Summer Juried Exhibition, August - September, 2015

           Jansen Art Center, Front St, Lynden, WA

Jansen Art Center - Early Summer Juried Exhibition, June - July 2015

           Jansen Art Center, Front St, Lynden, WA

University of Washington BFA Painting + Drawing Thesis Exhibition, April, 2015

Jacob Lawrence Gallery - UW Art Building      

University of Washington BFA/BA Painting + Drawing Senior Juried Exhibition, April, 2015

Sand Point Gallery
7527 63rd Ave NE, Seattle

University of Washington, Painting + Drawing, Open House Juried Exhibition,    January, 2015

Sand Point Gallery
7527 63rd Ave NE, Seattle